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Drop Off Service

Drop Off Service is the perfect way to enjoy your villa to the utmost without having the hassle of shopping and preparing meals for your group. Fabulous meals can be waiting for you in the fridge whether you are just arriving, coming back from a day at the beach, sailing or diving, or if you want to enjoy a leisurely final evening. Selections are generally easy to reheat and serve and the cost is extremely affordable! All entrees include the freshest selection of items available.

Drop Off BBQ is a great way enjoy even more of the outdoors. Let us do the preparation and you can take the credit! We’ll marinate any meat, fish or chicken and all the side dishes will be ready for you! Just fire up the barbecue and away you go.

The cost of Drop Off Service is $180 for up to 6 guests. After 6 it is $30 per person plus the cost of food. (also includes one of each, hors d’oeuvres, starters, entrees and dessert) .  A  15% gratuity will be added.

Payment is by Cash, VISA or MASTER CARD.